The brow soap

Step 1

Wet the spoolie with water or our personal favourite setting spray (not directly on the soap). With the spoolie, rub the brow soap for a light coat on the bristles.

Step 2

Brush through your brows in an upward direction to create a feathered or the desired look.

Step 3

Use your favourite brow product to fill in any gaps if needed otherwise just the Ami brow soap will be enough! The Ami brow soap can be used alone or over your fave brow products! Lastly don't forget to #theamibrow to be featured :)

The Ami brow

  • The Ami brow styling balm
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Would highly recommend this product! I've used a few brow products before to hold my brows into place for the fluffy look but I always had to keep reapplying the product to hold them as they would just fall. Ami & I brow styling balm you only need to apply once and shape them into place and it will hold all day, I absolutely love it, I use it every single day without fail it's my go to product as I don't have a lot of time to apply makeup. I just style my brows and put mascara on and it really gives me the natural look that I love!


For this price there's definitely no need for trial and error to find that go to product! I use the Ami brow styling balm on my clients that like the fluffy/laminated look after a tint and wax and they absolutely love it!

Brow Studio

100/10 would recommend the Ami and I brow styling balm!! I love the look of a fluffy brow but was too nervous to try brow lamination. This soap gave me the most perfect result and I love that I could style my brows without having to get them laminated! Also such a bonus that this soap holds all day and night!